Psychophysical Psychotherapy Advanced Studies

Date21.09.2016 - 09.02.2019

21 September 2016 - 9 February 2019
LocationTurku and Helsinki
GroupThis training is open to psychotherapists with studies in Basics in Psychophysical Psychotherapy or corresponding knowledge of body-oriented psychotherapy.
Credit units60 ECTS
  • 32 days theoretical seminars
  • 50 hours of peer group work between seminars
  • 50 hours of supervision of two patients for at least one year
  • 40 hours of own therapy in psychophysical psychotherapy
  • writing an article (16 pages)
  • literature consisting of 3000 pages
Teacher infoGeorge Downing, PhD

21.-24.9.2016   Introduction to studies. Depression
7.-10.12.2016   Anxiety
7.-10.6.2017     Borderline
27.-30.9.2017   Trauma
7.-10.2.2018     Psychosomatic disorders
6.-9.6.2018       Narcissism
26.-29.9.2018   Dreams
6.-9.2.2019       Sexuality and Ending Seminar

Throughout the studies there will be an ongoing learning of theory and practise in development, transference and countertransference, mentalisation and mindfulness. (The exact times will be confirmed later.)

NotesOrganizer Clara Wickström, clara.wickstrom@kolumbus.fi, phone 0400 803 038
Director Tuula Aamurusko, tuula.aamurusko@turunkesayliopisto.fi, phone 0400 615 614
Secretary Helena Risku, helena.risku@turunkesayliopisto.fi, phone 044 720 1143

NotesPlease FIRST fill in our enrolment form at this website. After we have received your enrolment we will send you the application form which you can send to Turun kesäyliopisto by email attachment to helena.risku@turunkesayliopisto.fi or by post to Turun kesäyliopisto, Sirkkalankatu 4, 20520 Turku by 10 June 2016 at the latest.


Please note that the fee can be paid in installments.


(50 hours of supervision of two patients for at least one year and 40 hours of own therapy in psychophysical psychotherapy are not included in the price.)

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