Let’s Speak Easy Finnish! – Puhutaan helppoa suomea!


Date27.09. - 29.11.2018

Thursdays at 12.30-14
GroupYou already know the basics of Finnish and want to start improving your spoken skills. Level of proficiency A1-A2

This course is intended for those students who have basic knowledge of vocabulary and grammar (e.g. 1 year of Finnish studies) but who are not yet comfortable with speaking Finnish.

During this course students will improve their communicational skills by speaking about different topics (e.g. home, family, shopping, restaurant, traveling, public holidays, timetables, hobbies etc.)

The focus of the course will be on speaking, listening and activating vocabulary. We will practise simple everyday discourse.

Teacher infoMA Marjo Ketomäki
BibliographyTeacher's own material

Course Coordinator Essi Haapaniemi, essi.haapaniemi@turunkesayliopisto.fi or 044 720 1148

Training Secretary Susanne Peltonen, susanne.peltonen@turunkesayliopisto.fi or 02 278 1812

Other info20 lessons
Last enrolment date13.09.2018
Cancellation termsIf you cancel your participation less than two weeks before the course starts, the course fee will be charged in full.

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