Finnish for Work - Työelämän suomea


Date31.01. - 11.04.2019

Thursdays at 10.15-11.45

NB! No teaching on week 8 (21.2.)

14.3. lecture is cancelled!

LocationTurun yliopisto SIRKKALA, seminaarihuone E211, os. Kaivokatu 12, 2. kerros
- yliopistoalueen kartta: www.utu.fi/kartta

The course is suitable for everyone who already knows the basics of Finnish language and wants to develop their communication and written skills, focusing in working life. Language proficiency level B1-B2.


We will do several conversational exercises and written tasks. Throughout the exercices we will learn new words, useful expressions and better pronunciation. Also we will learn more everyday Finnish.

The topics are (for example):

  • Messages, e-mails and telephone Finnish 
  • Meetings and negotiations 
  • Presentations 
  • Opinions, agreeing and disagreeing 
  • Talking about work (work-related phrases and vocabulary) 
  • Interviews 
  • Participants’ ideas and wishes will be noted
Teacher infoFM Marjo Ketomäki
Bibliographyteacher's own material
NotesCourse Coordinator Essi Haapaniemi, essi.haapaniemi@turunkesayliopisto.fi or 044 7201148
Training Secretary Susanne Peltonen, susanne.peltonen@turunkesayliopisto.fi or 02 278 1812
Other info20 lessons
Last enrolment date31.01.2019

Online registration is closed, contact the student affairs office

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