Finnish for Beginners 3 - Suomen kielen alkeet 3


Date18.04. - 20.06.2018

Wednesdays at 16.30-19.00
LocationTurun yliopisto

You should have basic knowledge of Finnish (e.g. 60 hours of Finnish studies). Level of proficiency A1

GoalTo improve communication skills.
Credit units2 ECTS

Studying Finnish is continued by learning more vocabulary, grammar and communication skills. The course focuses on all fields of language: listening, talking, writing and reading.

The following topics will be covered during the course: partitive, postpositions, word types, consonant change, the object form, ordinal numbers, travelling, food and drink, work and professions. In addition to this, many other topics will be studied according to the chapters of the book.

Teacher infoMA Veera Kaski
BibliographySonja Gehring ja Sanni Heinzmann: Suomen mestari 1, Chapters 7-9
Organising universityTurun yliopisto
NotesTraining Coordinator Tommi Vuorinen tommi.vuorinen@turunkesayliopisto.fi or 044 720 1148
Training Secretary Susanne Peltonen, susanne.peltonen@turunkesayliopisto.fi or 02 278 1812
Other info

30 lessons

The course is taught in English.


Normal price €95
Student price €85

The course book is not included in the price.

Last enrolment date04.04.2018

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