Continuation Course in Finnish 2 - Suomen jatkokurssi 2


Date25.01. - 15.03.2018

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10.00 - 11.30

LocationTurun kauppakorkeakoulu, Lecture room 04, Rehtorinpellonkatu 3
(Exception Thu 8.2. - Turun yliopisto Sirkkala, room E323, Kaivokatu 12, 3rd floor)
- University campus map: www.utu.fi/kartta/
GroupLevel of proficiency A2.2
Credit units2 ECTS

Communication skills are improved by discussions and exercises in listening and reading comprehension. Some writing tasks will be prepared at home. The following grammar topics will be covered: negative past tense, verb + rection, present perfect, past perfect, minen-forms, pronouns and word types.


Teacher infoFM Marjo Ketomäki
AccomplishmentExam 28.3.2018 at 10-12 (Turun kesäyliopisto, Sirkkalankatu 4)
Exam retake 9.4.2018 at 16-18 (TY Publicum lecture room 3, Assistentink. 7)

Sonja Gehring ja Sanni Heinzmann: Suomen mestari 2, Chapters 4-6

Organising universityTurun yliopisto

Training coordinator Tommi Vuorinen tommi.vuorinen@turunkesayliopisto.fi or 044 720 1148

Secretary Susanne Peltonen, susanne.peltonen@turunkesayliopisto.fi or 02 278 1812


If you cancel your participation less than two weeks before the course starts, the course fee will be charged in full. You can cancel your enrolment by email at kesayliopisto@turunkesayliopisto.fi or by calling (02) 232 3302. Please note that if the cancellation is not submitted at all and the student does not attend the classes, the course fee will be charged in full.

Other info30 lessons

Normal price €95

Student price €85

The course book is not included in the price.

Last enrolment date04.02.2018

Online registration is closed, contact the student affairs office.

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